OK, so my Jeep needs to get repaired, my wife's car was screaming the other day ...needs new alternator. Now, I went to my office to do some work and one of my 27" iMac computers can't find the operating system...I guess the hard drive went, again! Just had it replaced on August 22......took it back to have it replaced again.
Oh, and my daughter's car, which is a 2010 Mazda 3 has a problem with a melting dashboard! Yep, you read that right...a melting dashboard. Has the consistency of wet roof tar. Amazing, after some research I found out that Mazda used non-heat resistant material in the dash. I sent a e-mail to Mazda corporate and they are going to replace the dashboard.
All in all it's a good day...I woke up and feeling great.

Be safe and stay positive!

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