More Snow For the Northeast

They say we are getting 10″ to 18″ of snow from this system. I doubt it! They have everyone worried and buying groceries…gas for their cars, snow shovels, and salt. Insane… will see but looks like another incorrect prediction. Anyway, have a great hump day!!

Happy Spring 2018

Well, spring is here but the weather doesn’t know it. Here we are waiting for yet another nor’easter! This must be the 4th or 5th one so far this year. Crazy weather patterns to say the least.

No matter, I am still getting ready for another season of motorcycling and enjoying the open road. The bike will be going in for service the first week of April. After that, it’s time to hit the road. Not sure where we will be traveling to this year but it will be somewhere.

That’s it for now,


Third and Final Presidental Debate

OK, so i watched the third and final presidential debate last night and I think Hillary is a much better speaker the Donald Trump but he content was same one political lies. Gonna do do do but nothing gets done. I truly believe that Hillary Clinton is a lier and will do so much harm to America that we won’t be able to recover. Trump on the other hand is crass and maybe a little too forward and abrupt.

After all considered I think Trump spoke the truth last night and won the debate.


“Roar To The Shore 2016”


img_3152-quick-preset_400x400Hello everyone,

I’m back from Roar To The Shore 2016 and I was not impressed. This was our 16th year attending the rally and 20th anniversary for “Roar To The Shore” itself. I must say, the weather going and returning was awesome. The weather in Wildwood, New Jersey was just a bit humid and hot! Seems to me that there were the same old vendors that were there every year. I thought there would be something special, considering it was the 20th anniversary but nothing that I could see! There were not as many bikes or people there this year either. Food vendors were the same, great tasting food but the same nonetheless. Even the boardwalk was scarce of people. My buddy and I were thinking that maybe there was a rally somewhere else at the same time.Maybe this would account for the lack of people but we were just not sure.

Anyway, we were thinking maybe Ocean City,Maryland next year would be a better choice. We will se…

Have a great fall season and stay in the wind!