Last Day Of September 2019

My Place 

I’m sitting in my favorite place in the park writing to all of you. It’s 68° with a cool breeze. I love it being out among the trees, rocks and little critters. Except for the falling acorns hitting me in the head, it'very peaceful and quite.
Dispite all the hot weather here in the northeast, fall is upon us and the cool weather around the corner.

  As I sit here writing to this blog, I feel the cool crisp air and it is actually a nice change from the 90° weather we have been having. Looking at the clouds, I think we might get some showers.

  Yesterday, my wife Susan’s car started making a loud squealing sound she stated. So after checking it out, I found out it was the idler pulley. Just another thing that need to be repaired. That needs to get done before my Jeep. I do need to get the Jeep repaired before my trip to Washington D.C.!

  Also, I purchased two Tile trackers from Amazon. They work great! I picked one up for Susan for Christmas 2018 because she is always losing her keys. That worked out well. I will put one on my motorcycle keys and one on my Jeep keys. The one on the Jeep keys will be a floater, in other words I will move it around on different items as I need. Like a laptop bag, a backpack or even your wallet. They are reasonably priced, so why not?

Anyway, hope you are all healthy and happy. Hope you are all living your dream.

Be safe and live your dreams,


My Jeep

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