October 7, 2019

  Hello everyone...well Susan's Mazda CX7 is still in the shop. Some major work. My computer came back for the second time, no charge. It still was not correct. All they did was install a new 2TB hard drive and messed it up. They did not format in GUID. So, I had to do it my self and rebuild the system. That's finished and all is well with that.

  Still need to get my Jeep in for service and inspection before my Washington D.C. trip at the end of the month. Also, looks like Nicole's Mazda 3 issue with the melting dashboard will be repaired by Mazda at a 75/25 cost split. I guess I can deal with that.

  So, we had 94° here for about a week and then it dropped the next day to 54°, some crazy weather indeed. Also, I read that New Jersey is going to experience heavy amounts of the white shit this winter, so I will be putting the bike in the back of the garage and bringing up the ATV/plow and snowblower in a week or so.

  I have been working on my Python study...and programming. Getting better every day. Not hard, just takes practice like anything else.
Well, I hope this post finds you all well!

Till the next one, be safe.

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