September 27, 2019

Hello everyone,IMG_2673
What a beautiful day here in the northeast. 70° cool and dry! I am really enjoying Autum this year. I am hoping it will stay like this till spring. I know that would be asking too much.
I checked the oil and spark plugs on my motorcycle today. Oil was fine and plugs were a nice shade of light grey. Gap was a little wide, so I tightened it up a little.
Got up under the Jeep and was snooping around the canaster and hoses for some signs of a leak. Getting error codes P0457 and P0456. Nothing looks visible broken. I guess a smoke test is in order. Just had a new clutch installedin back in May of this year. 99, ooo miles on my baby right now. I have to keep her going- can’t afford a new one now. Anyway, just keeping the lines of communications open.
Till next time,
Be safe,

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