February 08, 2015

Hello everyone..I want to apologize for not posting for a while…Things have been just a little crazy here. The weather is still not too good here in Northern New Jersey! Can’t wait till the weather warm a little and we get some rain and not snow. This will clean the roads enough to be able to take the bike out for a spin. I need to get out and clear my head!!

Well, I am still painting and drawing with all this non-riding time..LOL

Couple of months to go till we get some relief with the weather…



November 04, 2014 Election Day

I am amazed by how you get all the phone calls, literature in the mail to vote on November 04th. They all want your vote, but once they are in you never hear from them again. Did you ever get a phone call from your senator, congressmen or governor  asking you if they can do anything for you if it is not an election year…LOL never. Makes me laugh….

Voting now a day is so rigged that it doesn’t even make sense to vote…I wonder what would happen if no one voted …??

Anyway, have a great day..Oh yeah…”Don’t forget to vote…”


November 02, 2014

Hello all, weather is getting just a little nasty here in northern New jersey. This weekend we had rain, wind and cool temperatures. not the best riding weather..worked on some of my drawings and the motorcycle one shown below. I have a lot more to do but it fun and not a fast project.


Anyway, hope all is well on your end…later