The United States District Court Of New Jersey Continues Blocking Most of New Jersey’s Carry Killer Law!

Court Continues Blocking Most of Carry Killer Law!

May 16, 2023


May 16, 2023. Today, the judge in ANJRPC’s lawsuit to overturn the carry-killer law imposed a preliminary injunction continuing and expanding its prior restraining order blocking key aspects of New Jersey’s defiant “carry-killer” law. The decision also for the first time now blocks the liability insurance mandate which was supposed to take effect starting in July. The move represents another huge win for New Jersey gun owners and means that much of the carry-killer law will continue to be suspended for the duration of the case. Gun owners did not prevail on every one of the many issues in the case, but it is clear that gun owners have succeeded in blocking the most significant aspects of the law for the duration of the case.

ANJRPC will be providing a detailed analysis of the decision and its implications in an upcoming alert once a full analysis of the decision is complete.

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