The Second Amendment And New Jersey: Opinion

September 5, 2022

My thoughts on the subject…

The government here in New Jersey is controlled by the Democratic Party and they feel the citizens of New Jersey are better off and safer without carrying a firearm. They feel that the local and state police will be able to protect the people from harm. While continually arguing to defund the police. It is not possible for police to be everywhere you need them and at any time. We the people of Democrat-controlled states have 2nd Amendment Rights to be able to protect our lives and the lives of our families and friends anywhere we happen to be.

I feel that if you have a New Jersey Firearm ID card, which by the way is against tradition and our 2nd Amendment Rights, and have purchased a firearm in the past…most of the paperwork needed for carrying a concealed weapon(CCW) in New Jersey is redundant and unneeded. Needing fingerprints every two years is just a money-making scheme by New Jersey. All your references every two years are also redundant! Qualifying with the handgun you carry is a good thing I feel. All who carry a handgun should know how to safely handle the handgun they carry…and prove it. Also, restricting the law-abiding New Jersey citizen to a 10-round magazine is also against tradition and our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Now with the Honorable Judge Clarance Thomas and the Supreme Court’s decision on June 23, 2022…the clause “Justifiable Need” has been deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL! So, now Law Abiding Citizens can and are applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon(CCW ) here in New Jersey. If your background and mental health checks come back negative, the state of New Jersey Shall Issue.

But, hold on! Every county and town in New Jersey is doing its own thing. Some towns are requesting a letter from a psychiatrist, and others need reference letters…still there are some towns refusing to process permits because they state they are not set up yet. These carry concealed weapons (CCW) laws have been on the books for years, the only thing that changed was the removal of the clause “Justifiable Need”. You no longer need to prove to a County Judge that you need to carry a gun for protection. New Jersey is now a “Shall Issue“ state thanks to the Supreme Court and the Honorable Judge Clarance Thomas.

There are more Anti-Second Amendment Prosecutors and Judges in New Jersey than there are Pro-Second Amendment ones. This just makes the process longer if you are in an Anti-Second Amendment town or county. Eventually, this will all be cleared up, but for now, I am enjoying my Second Amendment Right to carry in New Jersey.

God Bless American Freedom.


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