Our Second Amendment Rights Finally Honored in New Jersey!

July 22, 2022

I’ve been working on acquiring my New Jersey carry permit. The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, June 23, 2022, that the clause “Justifiable Need” is unconstitutional, so most legal gun owners in New Jersey and other restrictive states are applying for their concealed carry permits. There is a lot of paperwork and costs associated with the permit, with getting fingerprinted, passport photos, notary fees, three reference letters, mental health release forms, money order to the state of New Jersey Treasurer, liability insurance, and qualifying range fees.
I am not complaining because it is a small price to pay to exercise my 2nd amendment right. I agree there should be minimal cost and much less red tape but it is happening and the state of New Jersey can no longer hold back law-abiding gun owners from carrying a concealed firearm in the State of New Jersey for self-protection! This is a great accomplishment for all 2nd Amendment supporters! There is still a lot to work to be done as Governor Murphy is trying to reduce the number of places we can legally carry and then there is the magazine band and so-called assault weapons ban. These issues will all be resolved in court. I and many other law-abiding citizens are getting closer every day to being able to carry a concealed handgun for personal protection in the state of New Jersey … so for now, let us bask in the glory and be happy and grateful to finally have our 2nd Amendment Rights honored here in the State of New Jersey! Never quit fighting for what’s right!! God Bless American Freedom🇺🇸

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