Murphy wants to ban guns at N.J. hospitals, public transit, bars, and more after the Supreme Court ruling!

Good Luck!

This guy is a total liar and feeding the people of New Jersey false information!! How can he say New Jersey is safer from gun violence than most other states when there are multiple shootings in Paterson, Newark, Camden, Trenton, etc..every day!! Just read the NJ news!!! Don’t believe this commie anti-America rhetoric he is spewing out!! It is NOT true. And keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding New Jersey citizens will NOT stop the shootings and killings that occur every day… by criminals and gang members! Stop believing the false information they feed you!! Do some research yourself and make an educated decision about whether Murphy is giving you accurate information or not!! I for one KNOW he is 100% wrong…how do I know…by research and statistics!!! God bless Judge Thomas for finally allowing the 2nd Amendment to be honored by all states not just some!! God Bless American Freedom🇺🇸

June 26, 2022

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