Somewhere In Paradise Right Now…

March 26, 2022

Right now, at this very second, no matter what time of day it is, somewhere in the world thundering waves are crashing at sunrise on the sparkling white sands of a tropical beach. You can almost hear them if you try. And at this very moment, there are dolphins leaping into the air, beavers building dams, and eagles soaring just beneath the sun. Somewhere right now, there’s lava running down a mountain side, a new island is rising from the sea, and snow is falling silently on a countryside.

Somewhere else right now, two strangers are meeting after an unpredictable yet not accidental sequence of events, and a wonderful adventure is about to begin for both. Somewhere else, someone is healing from a horrible disease that he was told he could not survive. And right now, very possibly in your own town, someone is realizing that she’s finally created enough wealth to never have to worry about money for the rest of her life, while others are laughing hysterically with friends, so hard that it feels like their sides are about to split. And so as you read this very sentence, somewhere a newborn baby is filling its lungs for the first time, and the very same love that’s beating its tiny little heart is beating yours, sent from a universe that adores you, that claims you as its own precious child, and that yearns for your every happiness.

From the book:

‘Infinite Possibilities’

by Mike Dooley

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