Keep Contacting Assembly Members Until January 10
December 20, 2021. In response to a massive outcry from gun owners against Gov. Murphy’s gun ban proposals, the NJ Assembly today unexpectedly took no action on the major components of the anti-Second Amendment bill package.  Instead, the Speaker of the Assembly issued a statement indicating that he intends “to consider re-posting a comprehensive package in January.”

This means that the bills could still come up for a vote on the final day the Assembly is scheduled to meet this session (January 10, 2022).  But it also means that gun owners’ collective outcry has led to serious questions among Assembly members — enough to cause the major components of the bill package to be “held” right now.Please keep contacting all members of the Assembly until January 10 and tell them to VOTE NO on the current package of gun bills.  Not one of these bills does ANYTHING to punish violent gun crime, and the only thing ALL of them do is interfere with the Second Amendment rights of honest citizens who are not the problem. Please go the distance and keep contacting Assembly members until January 10.

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