URGENT: NJ Assembly To Vote Monday, December 20th, On Gov. Phil Murphy’s Anti-2A Gun Bill Package…Please Contact All NJ Legislators, NOW!

“He who does not oppose evil, commands it to be done” Leonardo Da Vinchi


  Senate Also Poised to Act on Some Bills Please Tell Lawmakers to Vote NO
On Monday, December 20, the full NJ Assembly is scheduled to vote on Gov. Murphy’s entire package of anti-gun bills which give violent gun criminals a free pass and instead target the Second Amendment rights of honest citizens. The Assembly committee that heard these bills ignored the pleas of tens of thousands of gun owners and railroaded these bills through to the full Assembly despite overwhelming evidence of fundamental flaws and unconstitutional treatment of Second Amendment rights. The full NJ Senate on Monday is also scheduled to hear one anti-gun bill that made it through Senate committee. Please click here to contact all NJ legislators and tell them to VOTE NO on all gun bills on Monday. Tell them that the bills completely ignore actual gun crime and instead target only the Constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Keep contacting lawmakers until Monday at 12:00 Noon.


🇺🇸If you live in New Jersey, honor your freedom, respect our constitution and the 2nd Amendment…you need to send a group email to all the legislators on this list!! Click the link above and copy and paste. Please do it today!🇺🇸

Thank You,

Paul – NetChatTV

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