COVID-19 Record High in PA..


  1. 60% of cases in general are those who have had two shots.

    Number one the spike protein takes over your immune system. Rendering your adaptive immune system useless. And after about six months efficacy Falls to less than 40%. After nine months you’re lucky if you have about 10% efficacy then you have no more immune system.

    Those who are not in good metabolic health who have taken the Jabs will never survive the next man-made bio-weapon virus

    On Monday, December 6, 2021, NetChatTV – Podcaster-Blogger of News, Politics, and Technology. 🇺🇸I Consider Myself A Pro-America, A True Patriot, And A Constitutionalist🇺🇸 wrote:

    > NetChatTV posted: ” > status/1467875150234333190?s=20 ” >

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