A letter To Rt. 46 Jeep in Little Falls, NJ

OK, so today is April 22, 2021, and I had to take my Jeep down to Globex Performance in Toms River to solve my gas tank leak problem that has been going on since January after your dealership replaced my fuel tank!!!! RT 46 Jeep in Little Falls, New Jersey…never made good on my lifetime warranty! When the gas tank was replaced the first time you should have replaced the fuel pump that was all cracked and leaking, but instead, you put the old cracked fuel pump back in and it leaked fuel all over if I put more than 1/2 a tank of gas!! Putting me, my family, and my property at a HIGH risk!! Even after I request “Please check the fuel pump, maybe it’s cracked”
I returned twice after the tank was replaced with a bad fuel smell inside the Jeep and gas leaking out from under the tank! The first time you said it was a loose gas cap, the second time you said it needed a new locking ring and “O” ring gasket…I asked David Perla BOTH times to please check and replace the fuel pump..it’s 10 years old and might be cracked!! They NEVER repaired the leak and never replaced the fuel pump which would have been covered under the lifetime warranty!! They also kept my Jeep for over 5 days every time..and that was 3 times, without even offering a loaner vehicle!!
I made an appointment at Globex Performance in Toms River, NJ in late March and got an appointment for today April 22…I drove around for months with less than 1/2 a tank of fuel as to not have it spill out all over. The fuel smell inside the jeep was horrendous!! Glad I no longer smoke!!
The bottom line is the repairs cost me $536.00 of my pocket after having a LIFE-TIME warranty on the Jeep for all non-wearables!!
That cost me $2000.00 at the time I purchased the Jeep! Never again…Jeep does not honor their agreements and warranty!
I would not recommend this dealership at all!!! You truly are terrible! When you ask to see the manager they are never available!
In fact, there was not ONE Jeep dealership in my area that is worth my business…all 3 stars and down!! Maybe the one on Rt 10…not sure…never been there!
I will definitely be writing Chrysler and Fiat Corporate about your dealership!! As far as I am concerned I should be reimbursed by Jeep for the $536.00!! Your dealership made my life “Aggravated and Frustrated” not “Fun and Easy”!!
Paul D. Ciuppa

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