RT.46 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge. Little Falls, NJ Follow up #2

This is a follow-up to my January 27th service to replace my leaking gas tank! Guess what? March 21 and she is leaking worse than before!! And the cross threaded one of the bolts holding up the skid plate. The bolt is only in 1/8 of an inch and hanging down! The gas smell is bad!! Never ever go to this dealership to buy or for service! They are the worst! Now I need to find a reputable Jeep Service Center because I have a lifetime warranty and it’s covered! Have no idea where to take it!! All Jeep dealers in my area are 2 stars and down!! All get horrible reviews! Damn shame!! I would never buy another Jeep ever and this is my 5th one! These mechanics and service people are all your and just don’t give a crap!! Just want to make a sale…And they screwed me for $1000.00 for a new gas tank skid!!!  Screw them!! They suck !

I now have an appointment down in Toms River with Globex Performance on April 22nd. They will drop the tank and make the proper repairs the right way!

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