RT.46 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge. Little Falls, NJ Follow up!

This is a follow up from the other day: So I called on Monday, January 25 at 1:30 pm and talked with a woman at the service center. I asked her for a follow-up of my Jeep repairs, she said hold on and I will get the information for you. After 5 minutes she stated they ordered the parts and they would be in on Wednesday (January 27th) and the Jeep will be done on Wednesday at no charge to me. I said I want to know what parts were ordered and that they were replacing…she said she would call me back. She never did so I called back in an hour, she said oh, let me find out. She came back and told me they ordered a new fuel pump, fuel pump gasket, and locking ring for the fuel pump. No charge and it will be ready on Wednesday. I said GREAT!! Now, on Tuesday at 1:00, Dave Perla called and said they ordered the “O” ring for the fuel pump and it will be done on Wednesday, no charge! I said I spoke to a woman in service yesterday and she said they ordered the pump, pump gasket, and locking ring. He said she was mistaken. Ya know what I think…they ordered all those parts but will only use the gasket and put the fuel pump and locking ring in stock! They will get paid twice for those parts. on another job!!! Shysters for sure…come down we make your experience “Fun and Easy!!” Right! There will be one more follow-up to this after I get the Jeep back and drive it around for a month!!

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