RT.46 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge. Little Falls, NJ

After having my 2011 JKU Wrangler Jeep gas tank (which NEVER leaked)  replaced at Rt. 46 Jeep in Little Falls under warranty due to cracked vent line… I have a massive gasoline leak at the top of the tank at the fuel pump gasket that they reused after 10 years!!! Took it back and said I smell gas…David Perla told me the mechanic check and said the gas cap was off.  Filled the truck with gas and the pictures show the gas leak. Fumes were so bad in the Jeep I had to keep windows open till I could return AGAIN! Got under the Jeep and reached up on top of the tank by the fuel pump ring and it was full of gas! Took it back on January 18th…showed David Perla the issue and explained what I found. He said it would take a week!! And NO offer for a loaner…Warranty work takes a while because they have to wait for the inspector to come and approve the work. He said the inspector comes in on Monday or Tuesday. I said OK, please keep me in the loop…he said NO PROBLEM and with a fist bump…I left! David Perla me on Tuesday 01/19 at 4:30
stating it is leaking at the fuel pump gasket and they will have to drop the tank so the inspector can check. I asked when will he be in to inspect and approve.. he was not sure! OK, so did not hear from him till I called on Saturday, January 23rd…David Perla said they have to drop the tank so the inspector could check it? WHAT? Though he said that already.. they think it’s leaking at the fuel pump gasket! I told them that in the beginning…total bullshit for sure. Here are some pictures of the leaking tank skid. Which by the way they charged me $1000.00 to replace the first time they dropped the tank because it was rusted and the warranty does not cover rust..! This is totally unacceptable service. This is my 5th Wrangle in my lifetime and one Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have been to most Jeep Dealerships in Northern New Jersey and NEVER experienced service like this. So, my Jeep sits there at the dealership since January 18th at 9:00 AM because the inspector still needs to approve the “FREE COVERED” work! David Perla said he is off on Mondays and he will call me on Tuesday! I guess the work stops on my Jeep till he gets back? I will be calling Monday morning and Monday afternoon and Tuesday Morning and Tuesday afternoon till it’s repaired the CORRECT way!!! There will be a follow up to this when the work is done for FREE!

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