The Autumn Ride – September 20, 2019

September 20, 2019

Fall is just around the corner. And with it brings some of the best motorcycle riding weather. It’s cooler and more scenic. There are some different dangers to watch for, like wet leaves and branch droppings, but all in all some great riding. I personally think fall is the best riding weather here in the North East. Living in New Jersey and riding through Pennsylvania and New York State and just awesome!
With the new season approaching, most cyclist plan to have their motorcycles serviced for the coming year. I prefer to wait until the spring of the following year. It’s just my preference. Tires, fluids, clutch, and just all-around good maintenance check. I think this goes without saying, but you should keep a journal of all work and customizations you do on the motorcycle. This is just a good all-around maintenance procedure. Sometimes, you will forget the cost and parts that were used. Sometimes, you can forget the maintenance or customization all together!
Anyway, I hope you are excited as I am to enjoy another year of fall riding!!
Be safe my friends, ride like the wind…


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