Senate Committee Drops “Storage” Bill!
     SENATE COMMITTEE DROPS“SAFE STORAGE” BILL  Just 1 Gun Bill Moves Through CommitteeDecember 16, 2021. In response to a sustained outcry from gun owners, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee today dropped the so-called “safe storage” bill from its agenda, signaling that support for that horrific bill is waning among legislators. The bill (S3757) blocked self-defense inside the home and blatantly violated the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Heller case, which both affirmed and protected that fundamental right. Just one bill from the Assembly’s package of multiple Second Amendment attacks emerged from Senate committee after being heavily amended — S372 (gun registration for incoming residents). The amendments drop the requirement that long guns be registered when moving into New Jersey, but retain the requirement to register handguns and obtain a firearms purchaser ID card differently from the rules that apply to existing residents. NRA and ANJRPC testified against the bill, and republican senators Tony Bucco, Jr. (R25) and Declan O’Scanlon (R13) asked penetrating questions and voted no. While anything can happen in the remaining lame duck session, it appears for the moment that gun owner concerns are being heard in one house of the legislature. The other house, the Assembly, remains poised to vote on the full package of anti-gun bills as early as next week. Please stay tuned for further updates and alerts, and remain ready to answer an imminent call to keep contacting lawmakers.

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